An Insight Into My Film World: The Hats I Must Wear

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The world of ideas changes its shape and form in many ways. Thus, keeping an open mind requires me to carry out a survey of the best that screenwriters, novelists and other major artists have to offer. Some great ideas may look good on novel pages, but others may not be so great in pages, they have their own color to offer on the screen. I am continually bombarded with daily mails from hundreds of scriptwriters looking for their next big break into the cinema world and so, I must decipher the various scripts from them and film dockets I receive from Directors whose claim to fame I must examine through my own network of associates in the film industry. I choose the best options from a huge pile of electronic mail. After going through a script read by my script analysts and other members of my management team, I take a final call, a final go-ahead in producing the film which I’ve visualized in my mind very well.

After negotiations with writers and coming up with a probable list of cast and crew, I pitch the story to major studios and other productions houses, many of whom I know well. Yet, raising money from them is like taking out a needle from the haystack. Nevertheless, it is an essential task for producing the next dream project. Convincing investors takes time, energy, patience and lots of confidence. If you aren’t convinced of your own project, there’s no point in asking for money. Once the funding is approved, the next daunting task is to choose the director and the cast.

For my upcoming flick ‘Vickida no Varghodo I worked with the Writer-Director Duo Rahul Bhole & Vinit Kanojia (National Award winner for his film Reva) and Actor Malhar Thakar (with whom I collaborated in my previous super hit film ‘Chhello Divas’ in 2015). Also, I had hired excellent production teams from Mumbai, some of them well known in their work.

Then, the production of the film begins and from start to finish, I am involved in every day-to-day affair during the shooting, negotiating agreements for shooting locations for my film, giving an angry call to suppliers if they misplace film props, ensuring my costs are kept under control at all times in a strict fashion and overseeing the whole process whilst the film crew takes a break from a long, hectic schedule. That’s how my film ‘Vickida no Varghodo’ was completed before schedule!

A preliminary marketing buzz is all that is needed to give the audience a taste of what yet is to come. Creating anticipation, which must be grown like how gardeners trim the bushes at the edges so as to make them into shapes they want. Simultaneously, my negotiations with theatre owners, OTT platforms, TV channels etc. are an ongoing process in conjunction with film marketing which increases my chances of landing a good deal if the marketing buzz succeeds in convincing them of the film’s worth.

Once the box office has been milked dry, the list of further TV and OTT deals take effect, pouring visual images to the last eyeballs which may have missed the theatre shows and to those who can relax with a box of chips at their homely leisure.

It’s… an exhausting task to make films, but the rewards are well worth it.

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