Being a Passive Individual is to be a Rare Gem

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The world is soft on the surface but cruel inside, and if you close your approachable gates to guard your interests, then it doesn’t mean that you are an introvert. To have a meek personality and hide your empathies is actually perfect to face the harsh fact and people. You may feel triggered with the traits of the people who are exactly opposite to you, but mark my words that if you carry the traits mentioned further, then you are factually strong and your personality will always daunt a huge chunk of beings:

1. You always choose true people

Your heart cannot digest the people who act fake as you are totally aware of the consequences. And so, you always believe in a theory to either have less but true people around you or stay alone, than to just being fooled by the so-called good souls. That’s where comes an asterisk mark for the world that for people like you quality means everything when it comes to any relationship.

2. You don’t need attention

You were never among the herds who crave for attention. Instead you always try but fail to understand as to why some people will do anything just to get others’ eyes stuck on them. However, your individuality of just concentrating on yourself and your life is actually one of the traits that attract the people towards you.

3. You don’t have a habit to ask others

You are a self-dependent person who trusts his/her instincts and usually makes correct decisions. Come what may, you will be the only person responsible for all your deeds, as your strengths that come from the motivation to achieve your dreams, become your drivers.

4. You know to tackle your inner expressions

Tough situations usually test people’s patience. They can get us do anything and make us react in the worst way possible. But your submissive personality trains your mind (with great efforts) to not be irrational, tackle your emotions, take some time and then revert to the situation. This makes you a wise person who is known to act right when something is extremely wrong.

So, never be depressed with your passive self, just focus on your strength and feel proud to be one of the strongest men on earth for you are the rare gem.

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