Being Proactive: It Pays

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Let’s see, pro-active… (Typing on Google)
Google Result:
(of a person or action) creating or controlling a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

Honestly, neither have I read up on pro-active definitions nor any books on pro-active attitude. So, for the purposes of explanation I’ve copy pasted the definition for easier understanding here above.However, let me provide my own take on it.

My platter remains full of many activities, business or otherwise. And this means that time management is the most important aspect of a pro-active lifestyle. In short, every action must be tuned in the moment, neither looking back nor looking ahead with a nostalgic longing to recreate a glorious past. What I mean to say is that being pro-active is about looking at the present. You can also find memes on Buddha with the same advice, although I am not sure of its authenticity (with all the fake memes around, no wonder one must be skeptical!).

Another thing to note is that one must take a break in small segments. From the clutter of various tasks to be observed, one can find the jigsaw pieces that can be re-arranged to complete the puzzle. Pro-Activity doesn’t mean you exhaust yourself in the daily grind of life; it is also about contemplative action, understanding the factors and consequences of what you do. So for example, my daily tasks in filmmaking involves overseeing everything from pre to post production. I am in the midst of the action, behind the lights that fall on splendid actor faces or with the director looking at the TV screen in which every take is scrutinized for any film continuity issues. My prior experience in film production means I know how to manage time; I know that in case of any unexpected situations, I always have a backup plan.

Have the lights failed? Well, I have another supplier to fix the situation so that shooting continues and actors don’t have to re-acclimatize themselves with the mood of the scene. Take 1 over, take 2 ..lights, sound, camera, action! The task goes on! Typical issues are avoided, saving time, which could’ve extended for days leading to rising per day costs. My latest film Vickida no Varghodo was completed before schedule an accomplishment in itself.

I am also deeply into managing deals with directors, artists, cast and crew, theater owners and other stakeholders. Every time I must keep my management team on the toes, every time, I must re-invigorate myself anew and carry a happy and confident attitude in dealing with everybody. I admit, it is never easy but life goes on and continues to throw surprises at me. In this sense, optimism is the most important component of a Pro-Active life. If you aren’t enthusiastic for life, nothing matters then. A leap of faith is all it takes.

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