Believing in Yourself

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Life is all about trial and errors, you can’t achieve something new and truly innovative if you don’t do something you haven’t done before. Innovation requires diversity in your actions and creativity helps you keep challenging yourself by taking brave and bold yet calculated risks. Every little risk that we decide to take in life requires self-confidence and a strong belief in oneself.

I learned this tactic through my business experiences. Entrepreneurship to me is all about vision. In order to succeed we always need to connect to our dreams and keep challenging ourselves. I always aspired to be one of the most renowned film-makers of India. For which I just had to believe in myself and take the plunge. Everything seems unachievable at first sight, but it is the strong, positive attitude that we create in ourselves that helps us to achieve the unachievable. Be your own cheerleader and keep encouraging yourself to face the challenges head-on.

Challenging yourself is very important in entrepreneurship (and for our personal lives, too). Accept the personal challenge to take yourself out of the comfort zone and to push yourself beyond your personal limits. Many people tend to live in their own deception without realizing that the great and most innovative things happen to those who dare to push themselves a little more.

Entrepreneurs must change their mindset and eliminate all the fear of failure. When there is no path, don’t turn back, but start building your own path according to your own discretion.

Always be curious to learn new things and apply them in your business approaches, to explore new possibilities. Gradually you will learn to adapt new changes and accept that there is always something new and more efficient that can be done in your company. Like in my case I went for film making but also ventured in the new avenue of real estate industry.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as a go-getter, you must push yourself in new situations that will help you discover the hidden confidence inside you. The more you do so the faster you will realize that you are capable of much more than you expected from yourself. Assuming that you might fail in the first attempt itself will stop you from discovering new possibilities.

“Think out of the box” when you create new strategies. Embrace uncertainty and make it work for you. After all, the calm sea does not make a skilled sailor.

Challenge yourself and the people you work with by leading by example, which will inspire and motivate them to ignite the fire within themselves and help boost their confidence to make their own decisions in order to achieve better work results as a team. But all this is only possible when the leader himself has faith and believes in himself!

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