Connecting the thread of Real Life & Reel Life

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After the hectic monotonous thrills of the week, weekends are joyful slake for a quick break. Movies? Yes, we all love movies, but they are not only a piece of entertainment but somewhere linked to our lives. The majority of movies made today are about layman’s stories; his problems; his dreams; his courage, few are often inspired by brave personalities; few of them are about socially significant historical events; some are based on real events; others, more likely, are the product of the writer’s imagination. Take the following example from a writer’s imagination: When the hero falls in love, the atmosphere becomes suddenly fragrant, romantic music begins to play in the background, and occasionally the girl falls into the hero’s arms. Do you genuinely believe that all of these things occur in real life? No right, but all of these somehow inspire us to believe in love.

Some cinematic stories are not only a source of entertainment but also help us to cope with our grief. Few films profoundly affect our lives; they offer us a glimmer of hope, comfort, or assistance in overcoming certain events from the past. The reason we associate with movies is that we find a parallel connection between what is happening in the film and what is happening in our own lives.

Sometimes we find reel life as perfect life- perfect situations, love, ideal relationships, wealth, health, travel, appearance, and flawless beauty. But always remember real life is full of adventures, it is completely filled with flaws, ups&downs, success- failure and
unexpected twists & turns. We must know where to draw a line when imitating reel-life events or comparing our real lives with them.

Taking inspiration from reel life is always a subjective call but drifting yourself much more into the virtual realm can lead to harsh realities. One must take a sensible lesson from what they watch!

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