Dear Zindagi : To Expect or Accept?

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Putting it in simple words, ‘Dear Zindagi’ is a movie that makes you discover yourself, question your own actions and puts you in spot for the same; but in a long preview!

An interesting movie that tells the tale of Kaira, the protagonist, one beings to sympathize, but eventually, empathize with this delicate character portrayed by Alia Bhatt. Alia is shown as an aspiring cinematographer in Mumbai, living an independent life, and aiming for her dream break in the movie industry. Struggling with the outside world and inner self, Kaira comes across Jug, a psychiatrist played Shah Rukh Khan, who becomes the catalyst in Kaira discovering herself, her fears, expectation, and overcoming the hesitation to live free, like literally!

Vibrantly played by Alia and well balanced by Shah Rukh, the story though talks about few good deep thoughts, it also falls flats at certain points, making efforts to make sense, leaving you reeling back from the heavy dose. An interesting metaphor made about chairs and relations that later on makes you feel quizzical or rather funny about the association.

Underline: a refreshing movie that leaves a small quest within you. Decent performance by Alia and an interesting story by Gauri Shinde after her debut with English Vinglish.

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