Dream, Commit and Take Action

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No Guts No Glory! As they say, dreams don’t work unless you do. It is often easy to wish for things but challenging to commit 100% to turn them into a reality. Often, one may feel like giving up on pursuing your dream, but instead of looking for motivation outside, you must look inside.

One famous personality and life story that comes to my mind is that of Steven Spielberg. Everyone knows the legendary director of Jaws, E.T the Extra-Terrestrial and Jurassic Park. But what many don’t know is that Spielberg faced rejection three times when he applied to the University of Southern California (USC) School of Theater, Film and Television.

Eventually, he applied to Long Beach State. And talk about tables turning. After delivering blockbuster after blockbuster and a career that spans several decades, he was awarded an honorary degree by USC in 1994. He is now on the Board of Directors of the USC film school, donating a million dollars a year to the school.

In fact, pick up any celebrity or leadership memoir and it will be replete with the story of following your dream by surmounting all odds and staying committed to the goal. In my previous blog post, I talked about how passion alone is not enough to be successful, you need a purpose.

Similarly, when you have a specific future you are working towards, your present takes on a new meaning. You are able to convert each experience, even the painful ones into a path of learning, growth, and transformation.

I read somewhere that Happiness is not the absence of sadness or pain. Rather it is gratitude for a life that is blessed with purpose and meaning. Once you have undergone this shift at the mental or spiritual level, nothing can stop you.

Invest in yourself

Whether it is fitness, a hobby or a diploma that you think will help you advance in the direction of your career, continuous investment in your future identity is one surefire way to achieve your goals.

A famous story that motivational speaker Zig Ziglar likes to share is that of a guy called Tom Hartman. He was depressed and overweight. One day he decided to commit himself to be fit and thin.

To ensure he stayed true on his course, he went to a men’s suit store and invested in two custom-fitted suits that would fit his ideal body frame. The suites cost more than $700. This was a huge and potentially risky investment at the time. However, it paid off because he lost more than 150 pounds over a period of 18 months and fit into those suits.

Invest not just in things but also in people and relationships. Depending on your dream and your context, these could be mentors, coaches, consultants, employees. These are all enablers to expand your efficiency so that you tap into the positive energy of others to build your reality.

Journaling is a very good way to stay committed to your goals and take action. You can also create vision boards that motivate and push you towards your destination.

To sum it up

Dream big, set goals and take action to help you realize your purpose in life. Remember, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

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