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The human brain is the most complex creation ever known to mankind. The more discoveries are made about this little pound of flesh, the more intriguing it becomes; conspiring us to unearth the power and oddity it hides in itself.
One of the most powerful traits this cerebral matter entails is the willpower or the strength of your mind, which is created with the right indulgence of your emotions. If you’re determined with positive intentions, it’s never not right to let your heart play an equal role.

My thoughts may not be agreeable for all, but why do I need to make everyone agree upon me? All I need to ensure is that I keep my conscious at peace, not necessarily pleasing anyone on the course. Am I being mean? Never, as it’s not my responsibility to please someone, but definitely play a part in creating a harmonious environment around me, which is often thought as an act to delight the other.

If we take a glance at the highest order of men (read humans), they never acted to please the other, but function to amuse oneself and build creations that prove their existence in the finest manner. If it weren’t for Michelangelo, we would have never awed at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, reeling in amusement at the pictorial description of how every Adam is brought to life by the God, infused with unique traits. Michelangelo never painted with an intention to receive accolades or become renowned. He simply did what he knew best, not bothering to the opinions of others or getting influenced.

Talking about how our actions define us, we can’t skip mentioning Mr. Bachchan, who was rejected for the trait he is more known for, his voice. He kept his calm and believed, carving a niche for himself around the globe. How bizarre it sounds to be rejected as a presenter on radio! He pursued and achieved, or to say in a more refined manner, seek and ye shall find.
To be precise, act to perform, and not reduce.

And while you perform, keep apprehensions for your actions, not the result; for there are many who conduct themselves to become the canker blossom of our lives.

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