How to make a career in films – Part I

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As a film producer and a member of the Indian film industry, I get a lot of queries from aspiring actors, actresses, scriptwriters and technicians interested in building a career in the business of films. The good news is that there are various routes and plenty of opportunity in this business. However, since there is no cut and dried formula to make your entry or get that coveted first job, it becomes difficult for newcomers to navigate this journey.

And so, I have decided to write a series of blogs that can help aspirants make informed choices and understand their options when it comes to the film industry. First things first, if you are interested in moviemaking as a career, it is important to complete your under-grad studies and preferably even post-graduation. Not only does it give you a well-rounded perspective about the world, but also education is your best friend and, in this case, a fall-back career option.

Let’s be honest, competition is cut-throat and not everyone who visits the city of illusions armed with talent and Bombay Dreams makes it. This is by no means to discourage anyone but to prepare you mentally for the possibility of a return ticket.  Yet, nothing ventured, nothing gained. So, talent aside, it helps to have a plan.

Today, we will take an in-depth look at professionals who want to build a career in the art and craft of cinema, rather than aspiring actors.  A post graduate diploma or degree in movie making is very helpful as it establishes the context and history of this industry. Studying the theory of the art and craft and learning from the masters who have carved their niche, prepares you better for the road ahead.

Where can one study filmmaking in India?
So, where can you take up film making as a course? In no particular order, you can take a look at the following top-rated courses and do your own research to understand which servers your needs the best:


  1. Film and Television Institute (FTII) at Pune

If you love films, you won’t be a stranger to one of the most acclaimed institutes – FTII which was established in 1960 and still considered one of the best.

FTII offers courses in movie direction, cinematography, sound recording and sound design, editing, acting, art direction and production design, animation and computer graphics and feature and screenplay writing.


  1. Whistling Woods International at Mumbai

Whistling Woods International was founded by ace Bollywood director Subhash Ghai in 2006. The great thing about WWI is that it is affiliated with many international film schools and provides global opportunities to its students. It offers both a 3 years’ bachelor’s in film making and a 2-year diploma.


  1. Satyajit Ray Films and Television Institute (SRFTI), Kolkata

SRFTI is an autonomous Institute under the Ministry of Ministry and Broadcasting and is also a member of the CILECT, International Association of Film and Television schools. It provides a three-year, post-graduate programme in cinema. You can select the specialization of your choice from direction and screenplay writing.


  1. LV Prasad Film and TV Academy

The LV Prasad Film and TV academy was part of the Prasad Group that is the legacy of movie producer and director L.V.Prasad. It offers a two-year post-graduate diploma in film direction.


  1. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

NIDA is an independent institution that offers many courses in art and design, including filmmaking and animation courses. It has an impressive alumni base and several accolades to its claim.

The courses offered are:

Bachelor of Design: Animation and Film Design (4 years)

Bachelor of Design: Film and Video Communication (4 years)


These are some of the top-rated courses with a great reputation and credibility. If you are interested in crafts such as cinematography, editing, sound-design, you can even opt for short-term private courses and start learning by assisting a renowned artists.

To be continued….


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