I believe: Faith Helps Us Focus on the End

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Faith can move mountains. Almost every leadership book and a few spirituality ones tell us that goals are important. Setting goals allows us to take charge of our lives and decide what’s important.. One stops wasting time, and focuses on what really matters.

During the lockdown, I had the opportunity to read many classics and spiritual books. One book that always stands the test of time is the Bhagavad Gita. According to Bhagavad Gita, faith is about having complete and unwavering trust in God.

The Mahabharata war is symbolic at every level. The win of good over evil is only possible through full faith and trust in God.

As a filmmaker, as an entrepreneur and as a seeker of spirituality, I put my full faith in the moment, and in the end goal. It might be a challenging project, a challenging time in life, or a new venture that I have embarked on, if I don’t have faith I will lose my ability to perform my best.

The coronavirus pandemic has upended life as we know it with a long-term impact on health, education, the economy, and mental wellbeing. Yet, we didn’t lose faith. Humanity on the whole had faith in the larger spiritual powers. We had immense faith in modern medicine and science and all the front-line warriors who served humanity at the risk of their own lives. It was faith that helped everyone focus on creating one of the fastest vaccines in the world. The vaccine was developed in under a year’s time. The looming crisis combined with people’s faith in science spurred a global cooperation for vaccine research, design and distribution.

Light at the end of tunnel

A positive, optimistic state of mind improves success and effectiveness. I have experienced this as a film-maker. Pessimism decreases my creative productivity and overall output. But faith helps me focus on problem solving and staying on the path.

This experience is not just limited to creators, but also businessmen, sportspeople, scientists, innovators, musicians and healers.

In fact, research shows that patients suffering from critical illnesses fare better and recover faster with their faith and spirituality. Prayer is a means of pain management and faith and positive thinking combined with medicine have a powerful impact on the mind and body.

Until you have a test, you will never have a testimony

Life throws us challenges when we least expect them. We are encouraged to embrace change and challenges, not because of the trials themselves but because of the end result of the trials.

Whether you are religious, spiritual or rational, you can’t forge ahead in these circumstances if you are lacking in faith. It is faith that guides us in the right direction, inspiring us to be better versions of ourselves and get us through.

And last but not least, I believe that faith acts as the pathway to find new solutions, be innovative and focus on the end goals. As humans we are wired to thrive and not just survive, and faith helps us conquer our fears and replenish abundance in the heart and the spirit.

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