Key Skills To Thrive In Today’s Challenging Landscape

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The POST-COVID world is a new reality. It has challenged our ideas of normal and shaken up the status quo. Some challenging times and great opportunities lie in front of us. It is not just the economic fallout but the mental and emotional strain of this crisis that is weighing upon us. The skills to survive and thrive in the new normal will be significantly different than what we’d come to expect.

What will help is a positive mental outlook, some good values and the ability to learn and evolve at the pace of change. Here are my two cents on the differentiating skills and outlook that will help you make the most of the road ahead:

1. Mental and emotional health

We are quite conscious of our physical wellbeing especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. But what about our mental health? To be truly resilient and steadfast, you need to nurture your emotional health. Whether it is taking up a hobby or meditation, focus on activities that make you feel fulfilled and happier. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to feel happy or satisfied. Look inside yourself and you will find many ways to centre yourself.

2. Continuous learning attitude

The world is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. One needs to learn a continuous learning attitude where you unlearn, relearn and repeat the cycle continuously. Some of the top leaders and CEOs are always looking for ways to upskill themselves and prepare for the future. The continuous learning attitude will help you remain unflappable and adapt quickly in difficult situations.

3. Strong values and ethics

There are some things that are priceless. Organizations who are looking to hire will now increasingly focus on strong values and integrity in the candidates they hire. Integrity means making tough and sometimes unpleasant choices because you are following the right path. Passion is a great quality to have but it needs the backing of commitment, punctuality, hard work, optimism and a never-say-die attitude to make it work in today’s world.

4. Tech savviness

Whether you are a student, a housewife, an entrepreneur or a professional, technology touches several elements of your life. It is important to embrace the digital explosion. Being digitally savvy and spending time to understand the fundamentals of using computers, smartphones and various applications is necessary to be more efficient, productive and open the doors for many opportunities that come our way. Many people often have a block towards learning new things, especially if it involves technology in some form. This will only hinder our progress as we are going through a digital renaissance of sorts.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility helps you to readily respond to changing environments and circumstances. Businesses and individuals who are flexible are thinking of new ways to pivot their ideas, given the current scenario.

When you are flexible, you are open to suggestions and are able to multitask and take on more responsibilities paving the way for great success in the future.


In every challenge and crisis lies an opportunity. Breaking old patterns and cultivating new skills and a new way of working is key to thriving in the new normal.

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