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When a captain cannot righteously gesture his mates in the correct direction, the ship will definitely either be lost in the fog or wreck into possible pieces. Ohk… that was quite a story like imagination, but let’s keep the stories apart and talk about that one jargon, often used in the world of business, without which your empire may fall, LEADERSHIP.

What does leadership mean? As a matter of fact, we all have almost memorized the definition of it. The main question is that is it difficult to be a leader, for many educators boast the term as one of the big tasks. But here is my say: To be a leader is easier than to be a boss. How? Take a look at the below not technical but experienced pointers:

  • Consider your team to walk along with and not below you: Leadership without any doubt brings authority, which gives you the power to instruct your team members, guide them and take them ahead while not being an Aurangzeb.
  • If they grow, you grow: Your people work not only to earn money but to aspire individual dreams as well. If you realize their ambitions and help them achieve those, each person then will respond you with the same attitude. ‘Give and take’ is the basic rule to survive.
  • Liberate them & create leaders: As a matter of practical fact, no one likes to work under someone. So, why not make each person in the team a leader of their forte. Set their wings free and let them make decisions for the things they are expert of, and they shall reduce your burden to handle your mechanism in future.

It is well said that with authority comes responsibilities and so, just like your team is responsible for your work, you are responsible to take care of them. If you fulfill your role with your heart then you shall witness the results which you desired of; because if there is no team then success becomes difficult. Hence, now you will decide whether you want to choose the difficult path (i.e. to be a boss) or simply be a leader and gradually make your business mechanism easy & enthusiastic.

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