MADAARI: A Take On Our Conventional Thinking

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A  madaari enjoys a powerful and gripping image in our thoughts as the one who makes his subjects dance and move to the tunes of his damroo. It’s never a pleasant show when the damroo gets in the wrong hands, making a mess of things that later proves fatal for the society at large. With this message beautifully rendered by Irrfan Khan through Madaari, itIrrfan Khan starring Madari is a statement made that every Indian has to realize and face.

A delicately handled plot of how a father loses his son to irresponsible acts of the powerful men, Madaari challenges your thoughts and actions against injustice. Irrfan loses his beloved son to a mishap caused due to the greed of some men, who take things for granted until it’s their turn to lose the dear ones.

Irrfan had superbly carried the image of a grieving father who is now determined to make his voice heard and his actions seen. Jimmy Shergill compliments the movie’s flavor with a completely satisfactory performance as a cop. His despair as a failed institution of justice has been captured wonderfully by the director, Nishikant Kamat. The first half is a little slow, but engaging, with a second half that completely engrosses you into the story. A must watch if you are looking for quality content and some superb storytelling.

An interesting portrayal of how everyone wants change but nobody wants to act for the change, justifying the tagline of the movie ‘Sshhh, Desh So Raha Hai’.

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