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I know what you are doing this summer!

Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret. I read that recently and it resonated well with me, especially in the context of the extended lockdown and social distancing.

While the first 20 days passed rather quickly, we soon realized that there is only so much binge-watching you can do or online games that you can play. It gave me pause to think about the radical shift in our mindset and social lives that occurred due to the Internet and the smartphone revolution.

What happened in the past decade or so is that we had become hooked to a casual kind of ‘busy-ness’ propelled by the umpteen number of devices, channels and explosion of digital media. We forgot how to live in the present and savour the moment. So, trends changed habits and values that take a lifetime to inculcate. Old-school values and principles like integrity and punctuality are fast diminishing.

But as life has come to a standstill, it makes me wonder if we will uphold these values once again when the status quo is restored? Or will we go back to our same faltering ways? Food for thought.

There is speculation and fear of what comes next and what if the lockdown is extended. There are several ‘what-ifs’ in this new normal. But if we have the gift of time, we must use it to add more meaning and learning to life. I for one, have been making the most of whatever free time I have found amidst working from home and spending time with my family.

Yes, travelling is good fun and a greater escape. While we may not be able to travel anywhere in the foreseeable future, we can read. And that’s pretty much the same kind of escape. Read what you enjoy but also venture into newer territories and authors. If you haven’t read Robin Sharma before, I highly recommend him. A life of reading is never lonely.

Extended summer vacation

Think of the lockdown as an extended summer vacation for grown-ups. Remember how you always exclaimed ‘I wish I had the time for this’. Well, now your wish has come true. Work in your garden like you had always wanted to. Did you know that watering your own plants is extremely therapeutic? Try it. I did and enjoyed it too much.

One other passion of mine that I could revisit in the lockdown days is cooking and baking. In college, I was the designated chef within a group of bachelor friends. Guess who ended up making Tiramisu and tea-cakes during the lockdown?

Another great opportunity that this luxury of time has afforded me is that I got into the habit of reading film scripts as opposed to listening to the narration. Earlier, I neither had the time nor the will to take off hours at a stretch to read scripts but now that I have got into the practice, I can see the difference.

In the past, I have dabbled in singing and music but guitar is something I have always wanted to learn. I start my online guitar lessons next week. Stay tuned for some cool tunes in this space. Until next time, stay safe, take care and make the most of your summer break.

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