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There’s a great deal of emphasis on the relationships we build with other people. But part of our success in personal and professional spheres stems from our self-belief and self-awareness. If you have a good relationship with your own self, you will naturally be more happy, empathetic and giving.

This doesn’t mean an ego trip where you think you are perfect to massage your ego. It’s more about introspection and reflecting on your behaviour and actions from time to time. Those who are in touch with their inner selves are open to feedback, reflect upon their own flaws and mistakes. It also gives you the confidence to try out new things without being inhibited. Being open to your own self is more important than being open to others. Here are some tips that I have found valuable while I maintain a dialogue with my own self.

1. Accept yourself

There’s a fair chance that you go through phases of self-doubt and the imposter syndrome once in a while. Be grateful for all the blessings life showers upon you and accept yourself, flaws and all. Find something you love and do it regularly.

2. Acknowledge your flaws

Some are struggling with a short temper, others with punctuality or organization. As we mature, we make many allowances for these misses and slips in others’ behaviour. Yet, we are too hard on our own selves and often get into a negative thought spiral that is detrimental to our growth journey. Embrace your flaws because they are part of you. Think of yourself as a Work in Progress.

3. Write a journal or a diary

Writing for your own self is one of the best forms of self-expression. Whether you use a blog, a journal or a good old fashioned diary. Penning down your thoughts is a great form of introspection and one that you can refer to in future.

4. Focus on your breath

Breath awareness keeps us centred and draw yourself into your own innerself. You don’t need to wait for an opportunity to do this. You can do this anywhere, in your car while stuck in traffic, before or after workout.  Once you learn how to be aware of your breath, you can follow it up by inhaling and exhaling deeply.

5. Get quiet time

In the information age, we are overloaded with news, noise, social media and a lot of demands on our time and attention. Finding just a few minutes of quiet time in the day can help you be more aware of your inner thoughts and reduce some of the stress and anxiety that comes with the daily grind. Noticed your thoughts and let them go, finding your own happy centre.

6. Ask yourself questions

Being in touch with your inner self demands that you ask difficult questions sometimes. What makes you happy? What do you regret? How do you foresee your future and how can you make it happen?

By making an effort to ask difficult questions, you can access some of your most empowering states. With time you will be able to create mental roadmaps to happiness, gratitude, forgiveness and love.

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