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I am Sharad Patel, and I am the founder of SP Cinecorp Cinematic Venture Ltd. At the age 28, when most are at the mid-level of their corporate ladder in the managerial world, I had become an owner of a film production house, creating cinema films which have left their indelible mark in the film industry and have kept people’s interest alive.

My first foray into film production was with the success of Chhello Divas in 2015. I had the opportunity to look at the script and to decide if it was worth making it. I wasn’t interested in just putting money and extracting money out of it. The film script struck me on a personal level, which I think everyone can relate to easily. And so, as a creative individual, I was involved in all key decisions of the film. The result clearly set a record 20 Crores at that time, a feat which was never done before.

With the success of Chhello Divas, I was confident enough to open my own production house. My vision is to create films that have the best of the elements of storytelling and at the same time, to make them commercially viable; a challenge I have taken upon myself. Later, I went on to produce two more films which were my ventures in Bollywood: Buddha in a Traffic Jam in 2016 & The Tashkent Files in 2019. Both films have earned accolades from audiences.

My films have dealt with subject matters that are mostly considered a strict no-go area for many. Controversy tends to doggedly pursue me, but I tend to ignore it and focus more on what could be made possible. With the rise of OTT platforms and our increasing collaborations with other major and minor production houses, I see a future where such content may be produced which will have their genre and their own perspective to speak of.

The last 5 years of the Indian film industry have been a volatile game of numbers, as more and more distribution avenues have opened up and I would like to see SP Cinecorp take advantage of emerging opportunities in the next 5 years. OTT, as well as film production, will be our main focus as also new overseas markets in SE Asia and China. The successes of Aamir Khan films in China have opened a floodgate of opportunities for our content, I believe. I also like to look at NRI audiences in other markets as well, where we are keen on setting up our film distribution networks.

As a Chairman and Managing Director of SP Cinecorp Cinematic Venture Ltd, I believe in collaboration with creative individuals from the film industry whose ideas, work methodology and perspectives will find their perfect repose here in my company. I envision SP Cinecorp to become a hub where investors and artists can translate their visions and expectations into a cinematic reality.

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