Out Of Calmness Comes Clarity

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Feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or in a perpetual funk? These are the signs of our times. At a time when people are struggling with mental and emotional wellbeing issues, it is important to preserve your sense of calm and peace.

I think that a few deep breaths can help solve anything and everything. Calmness and clarity have a beautiful symbiotic relationship if you ask me.  Being calm often helps in seeing things better and getting a clearer perspective.

Calmness is a by-product of clear thinking. Be it a decision or just work and schedule, we are much likely to do or make better choices with a calmer mindset.

Decluttering your mind

We have to learn to let go of the panic or the chaos to give our minds the time and space to think and analyze. Just as we declutter our homes, our wardrobes, we need to declutter the mess of unorganized thoughts in our mind that rush or confuse us into making hasty decisions.

Once we start making a conscious effort towards this, clarity is not that far away. When you are calmer you’re also more likely to think long term, find better solutions, optimize your time and achieve the elusive balance that everyone is running after.

Whenever you are dealing with a crisis or chaotic situation, don’t let it get to you. Take a minute, a few deep breaths, and relax.

What is happening for me now?  Being in the present and in observation mode shifts our attention into conscious space or ‘awareness’. This conscious space or awareness brings clarity to your thoughts and as you organize the chaos and clutter within, managing the situation or chaos in your surroundings becomes much easier.

How to keep calm in testing times

Some degree of anxiety and stress is now part of our lives. But these are turbulent times and we need to have calming techniques to improve our wellbeing and reduce the health hazards that come with being anxious all the time.

Practising mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, or progressive muscle relaxation are some of the most well-known ways in which one can calm down the body and mind.

The power of prayer and surrendering to a higher being cannot be emphasised enough. Whether you are religious or spiritual, there is much comfort to be found in prayers and chanting. The repetitive act of chanting a mantra actually helps us focus on the present moment and on our breath.

When you focus your energies inwards, the calm forms a protective shield over you, protecting you from negative thoughts and toxicity.

Achieving tranquility

The experience of inner peace and freedom is accessible for everyone. It doesn’t depend on external circumstances. All of us can train our minds to enjoy the here and now.

As Sri Ramana Maharishi has famously said, “Mind is only a bundle of thoughts, stop thinking and show me the mind.”

When you learn to quieten the constant chatter, you will learn how to keep calm, bring clarity and focus regardless of the circumstances.

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