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“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.’’ –Vincent Van Gogh

Today, generations remember Van Gogh because of his work and how his innovations contributed to the foundations of modern art. By solely following his passion and curating pieces that hold value worth millions today, he has been able to touch the hearts of many and stand as an inspiration to the public.

Similarly, to fulfil my life’s purpose as an avant-garde producer, my focus has been to inaugurate a course for various notions and give birth to certain projects that leave a mark on the lives of the public.

Here’s a guide that I curated from my experience as a producer to help you get off the ground and work solely toward your passion-filmmaking.


#1 A perfervid mind-set

It is extremely important to understand that one should really be passionate about filmmaking in order to explore it. It is a craft that influences a large number of individuals and has the potential to alter our society. It is an elixir that one obtains after playing their cards correctly when charting out their career as a filmmaker. Ensure that in the pursuit of your passion, you never leave your quest to produce something significant and impactful.

#2 Never stop Learning

It is a lesson that I have absorbed throughout my life that learning never stops. I have my whole heart in filmmaking and am constantly seeking and striving. In this world, nothing extraordinary has ever been accomplished without zeal and skill. It encourages you to reach your greatest potential and serves as the foundation for your happiness and success. It is very important to cultivate a love for learning and exploring. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

#3 An intriguing synergy

A filmmaker must possess the following three qualities: passion, endurance, and patience. Our passion serves as our source of energy, and the drive it gives us motivates us to work. It is not one thing that will make us go big, but a series of small things brought together that will recharge us from within and help to excel us as filmmakers.

#4 Have the courage to pursue things

If you dream of going big in the film industry just like Spielberg, Tarantino, and Nolan, then you must be ready to be courageous and hard-working just like them. We are all surrounded by skepticism and diffidence, but if you are passionate and have the cognition and skills to make films, then this is the right career choice for you.

#5 Find Your Genre

Your only focus as a novice in the film business should be on acquiring films, roles, and screenplays that you find appealing. This might take some time, but it will help you gain a deeper knowledge of how successful filmmakers have overcome difficulties and give you a closer look at their creative process. One should be smart and learn from other people’s stories. Finding and honing your own individual voice is crucial. This is the key factor, and managing it should be the very first step to take while pursuing your passion.


This insight will help you to understand the process and accomplish your filmmaking pursuits.

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