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“Life has got no specific purpose for each breathing soul on this earth,” said by the voice that came from the deep inside of me. So, then what is the meaning of life? Why and how do we drive ourselves? Of course this could be one of the cliché answers, but unfortunately, it is a universal fact that dream is the one which gives our existence a sense and keeps us going until our last breath.

But usually dreams remain dreams; despite all hard work they don’t become real, because we commit to everything else that requires being a successful person but to ourselves. The concept is quite simple, it is your dream, your happiness and therefore, first, you must focus on yourself, later on the rest.

Now, as a matter of fact, life is quite simple, and to real your dream is quite easy, only if you think so. How? Here you go; the actuality is that this is all a mind game. You first need to set your dream as your aim which will ignite your engine to keep you going (this must be done throughout). But roads are not necessarily smooth (actually never!), because there are none made without pits and speed breakers. Although those are easy to pass if you are ready for it. This is undoubtedly known as ‘Give and Take’; give your life your persistence and get your dreams in return. No wonder the process takes time, but you must march ahead because obviously, you will never take a U-turn once you are halfway there.

Once again, here I am with a cliché statement which says that obstacles are a part of life, but I also quote that they are the best parts of life, because they give memories, a chance to experience each heavenly emotions and make us understand the beauty of our existence. So, let the problems be your friend for you will always and in every way benefit from them. Well, this was slightly on emotional side but surely the actuality.

After traveling through a long but interesting journey, you will see the sun rising in front of you with its rays sparkling like never before and realize that you have reached your destination. Cut the crap! This won’t happen but one thing is for sure that you will achieve your dreams in bits and grow gradually while realizing your dreams becoming true.

Lastly, I would just say that never lose hope, make self-development your habit (must!) and tag yourself as dream merchant. This is what I have experienced and experiences never go wrong!

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