The Impact Of Film Producers On A Film’s Success Rate

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Producers are not merely financial investors in films. They invest their time, efforts and their resources in film production. This is what makes the role of film producers very essential to a film’s making and its impact in the market. Primarily, a film producer must have the imagination and the wit to understand and visualize a film’s story and how it will pan out in detail. Of course, every producer isn’t the same. Some prefer the usual route, usual storylines, loads of one liner dialogues and action sequences along with star cast while others are into niche films with directors who seek excellence in everything –breaking barriers of screenplay limitations, visual semantics that defy linear, traditions of storytelling—so as to stand out from the rest.

I have a different sensibility when it comes to films. I developed a different perspective to films after being part of creative short films in my early transition to film making as a producer. As film producers, we have to make a choice when the path to our passion forks into various roads, which we must then choose to decide which one to walk upon. While obviously, I cringe very much when seeing many forms of commercial cinema, I am equally uninterested in abstract forms of expression that frankly eludes most audiences.

That’s the reason why I have chosen subjects which are unique but also understandable for other audiences. It takes years to gather trust among distributors, retailers and other players in a long supply chain from pre-production to post-production. This is where my role is most important and obviously most tiresome, I won’t deny. As producers, we have to ensure the delivery of the final cut is on time; failure to do so may entails costs that only we must bear. Also, we have to have a good leverage over distributors. This is possible when you ride upon previous successes of your earlier films. In this sense, I am indeed fortunate to have Chhello Divas and the more recent The Tashkent Files in my kitty; something I can put at the table to bargain. Film producers leave a very deep impact in any film they invest in. Right from the contractors dealt with, to the scenes which may or may not be critical for success, that chutzpah we must have at all times has its toll, I must confess.

Even with a lesser number of theatres running the film, I’ve managed to recoup my expenses and earn good revenues from my last flick The Tashkent Files.  But also, it is important to personally have a good media image as well as good connections with journalists, film reviewers and others. One wrong step and it’s down the hill for me. It really is a very steep climb up the mirage which clears the way to success and it also has much price to pay in terms of failure, and I have paid the price too and will continue to do so whilst I also bask in success whose sunlight may not last that long. Time for me to carry on with my next projects.

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