The Perks Of Being A Responsible Person

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There’s a well-known philosophy in motivational books and speeches: With great power comes great responsibility – to quote one of the most iconic lines for Spider-Man.

I like to extend the philosophy a little further to say “With responsibility comes power and fulfillment.”  I believe each individual has a responsibility towards something larger than themselves.

Being responsible sounds like a full-time job, but it comes with its own perks and benefits. I would like to share how being responsible has helped me be the person I am:

Enabling new experiences

When you make responsibilities one of your core values, you will activate your true purpose and growth as a human being.  Be it your job, your business, health or finance, goals or relationships, you will always be in charge.

This will empower you to welcome new experiences and take charge of new beginnings.

Remember when you first learned to ride a bicycle or a scooter or drive a car? How exciting is the freedom to finally go where you like? Responsibility works much in the same way. It allows you to take charge of your own life.

Law of abundance

Once you take responsibility for every aspect of your life, you become a giver. The law of attraction states that giving creates endless abundance in your reality. Benefitting the whole universe is more powerful than thinking only about your own self.

Stop the blame game

Responsible people are always in control and accountable for all their actions. They are prepared for all outcomes, success, and failure and take everything in their stride. As a result, they can put a stop to the blame game and bring acceptance into their outlook towards life. This allows you to develop a positive mindset and gives you the ability to move on from any experience by learning from it.

You learn to respond and not react

A positive spin-off of being responsible is that you learn how to respond and not to react. To have a short-stop before saying something, to give pause and do the right thing. As they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty. When you become responsible and learn how to approach a situation with calmness, you no longer need hindsight because you develop foresight.

Once you start accepting that you create your own life, and not just react to it, you appreciate the things that happen for you.

Responsibility helps you choose how to respond to life’s challenges and move into the driver’s seat of your own journey. This has a significant benefit on our energy.


Consistency is one of the hallmarks of responsibility and consistency leads to perfection. It is not worth it, if you can’t keep a schedule, value time, stop procrastinating, have an organized schedule.  It motivates you to be a better version of yourself so that you don’t let yourself down. You learn how to plan your day or activities, set a fixed time to sleep and wake up and create a balance between the personal and the professional.

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