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There is an overkill of the Coronavirus pandemic coverage in the media, on social media and of course the mother of all misinformation WhatsApp! As with every crisis, there is much rumourmongering, panic and speculations on the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the economy.

What will be the economic impact of the virus on businesses? A question frequently asked and one that has varied doomsday theories. But in my opinion, the global economy is resilient. It has seen many recession cycles in the 21st century and it has bounced back. If anything, many new opportunities and businesses will rise in its aftermath, especially in the healthcare domain.

But what interests me at a personal level and also as someone who’s part of the movie-making business, is each person’s response and reaction to Coronavirus. Here’s my take on the crisis and how each of us can respond to it:

It is not the end of the world

Pandemics far worse than the Coronavirus have come and gone. Our elders have witnessed tragedies of much greater scale and magnitude. It is not what happens to you, it is how you react to it. Yes, lockdown is tough, but the alternative is deadly. If anything, it reflects on the decreased levels of tolerance in our generation. This is partly why people give up so easily on important things, relationships, marriages, careers.

COVID-19 is a lesson in patience and tolerance. The forced vacation is a blessing in disguise. It is as if Nature has hit pause and reset. Now it is your turn to live responsibly and think of the reckless and breakneck pace of life we lead.

Work from home and the remote workforce

Coronavirus has also demonstrated the power of technology as entire workforces now work remotely from the safety of their own homes. This would have been inconceivable a few years ago. Yet, there are businesses and industries that are in complete shutdown mode as they are not IT-based. For instance, the entertainment industry has been one of the most severely hit across the world. All late-night shows have cancelled, all studios are closed, all shoots are on hold indefinitely.

But look at the positive side of this. It is time for process improvement and streamlining your business. Many businesses such as real estate never get the opportunity for introspection. Now is the time for analysis and review.

On self-improvement

Use this time for reflection and think out of the box. Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton did his best work when in quarantine? He developed calculus, analysed light colour and its spectrum and finally discovered gravity, all of this when he was quarantined during The Great Plague of London.

Above all, stick to a routine. I still wake up early and resume my official duties from my home office at the same time every day. Assume you are still working. Exercise daily at home even if you can’t go to the gym. Eat healthily and practice social media detox for a few hours daily. Don’t let yourself go. This is not a staycation. It is an opportunity to improve yourself. Whether it is reading a great book, taking an online course or working on a new project idea that you have been toying with.

Practice Gratitude

Hasn’t the quarantine and lockdown made you realize how simple our needs are? This is a good time to practice gratitude and be thankful for all the privileges we take for granted.

Last but not least, this too shall pass. Be aware, stay healthy and safe and follow the advisory provided by the Government. Until next time!

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