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Since the time when The Spot, a first web series came out in 1995 and lasted till 1997, the web series format has come a long way. Back then, the future of box office cinema still was the attraction, the blinkering Studio lights were a beacon for investors to pour money and churn out hard cash. Then, the internet bandwidth was a major constraining factor with the online connection blips which we still remember (Satyam’s internet plan was in vogue then, but they had terrible connection problems.. pfft!). There were no HD formats back then. Video compression technology had not evolved to such sophistication as I and you can see today. But not anymore.

Now come back to India and picture the year 2016. And Jio. There lies the answer to the feverish boom which is now attracting everybody (including myself) into the online OTT industry. For a comprehensive list of details, check out my company’s website here where we continuously update industry trends, revenue figures: www.spcinecorp.com/spcc-venture-ltd/

I am sure you have gone through them. Now, I want to tell you about why this business will grow, why I believe there’s a great opportunity here, etc, etc. At present, there are many players in this market, enthusiastic like me and impatient, unlike me. There has been a slew of online web series content, most of which seem nice, over-the-top comedy, but which seriously aren’t earning money for the investors who thought that they would insert money and extract money without ever going through the harrowing details of the production and post-production nightmares and the concomitant release online to laggardly views and Ad expenses exceeding the production budget! No, I don’t intend to make these mistakes which others have. I am very conservative in investing money and taking investors for a ride.

I am patient at the moment, gathering copyrights to stories which are very good for online audiences who, in my estimation, have their own distinct preferences (and have a higher standard of living!), regional tastes and an appetite for entertainment which isn’t soured by boring binge-watching of television shows that increasingly resemble a faux 80s nightmare. The industry appears to be in its early phase where multiple players are competing and eating each other. But consolidation is bound to happen one way or another, we have recently seen how TV news media mergers and acquisitions have taken place with Reliance’s stake in Viacom 18 and others.

I envision a future where major OTT players have plush budgets and are in an increasing hoard to gather as many shows in their kitty as possible. And I believe I will have the perfect goods to deliver at their doorstep, replete with tales that reflect the milieu of the future, with the background of nostalgia of the old values.

The future of OTT Industry and web series, ladies and gentleman, is very bright indeed. If you are interested in knowing more, just drop a mail.

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