What Attracts Me To The Creative World Of Movie Making

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*Lights. Camera. Action*

*Film Rolling*


The world of film making had an attraction for me since the time I was exposed to an old movie named ‘Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke’. That was when I was mesmerized by the slew of moving images on the television screen. That was when this Mahesh Bhatt movie told me the power of storytelling. Later, many more films came into my young life and made a lasting impression on me. I must confess that the glamour world of acting attracted me the most. After all, most youths tend to grow around the idea of a dashing hero rescuing his mistress from the depraved machinations of a great villain with all his paraphernalia and tools of power.

Singing also held its own magic over me. I used to sing in my school days and many used to admire me for it. Among many singers, Atif Aslam holds my highest regard. I acted and directed in a few short films(Jack Anand & Versus), one of which deals with the theme of crime and punishment and the other on communal issues. They were liked by Anurag Kashyap and Rajiv Masand. After my sojourn into Rajasthan Fashion Week, I made an entry into film making world as a producer of ‘Chhello Divas’ in 2015.

That’s when my real tryst with movie making began. Observing the day to day activities of film making, from pre-production to post-production and release made me realize that film making is not an average cup of tea. It is a multi-disciplinary activity, involving the talents of all kinds. And to me, this is where the challenge, as well as the excitement,  lies. Understanding the nuances of film making and to create a worthy cinematic piece which also earns at the box office is a delicate balance like a tightrope-walk. Later onwards, with more films like Sweetiee Weds NRI, I was also able to fulfill my dream of singing. With Buddha in the Traffic Jam & The Tashkent Files, I was able to bring controversial topics to the public fore for discussion. Films have done a lot more for me, in terms of activities of arts but also the business aspects of distribution and release.

The element of high risk in the film business is ever present and certainly makes many balk at the prospect of pouring money into film production. There’s no denying that this business deals with intangibles, something quite different from the business world I was brought up in, where the tangible reality was land and real estate.  But then, with my interest in performing arts and in the social mood of people, I consider film making in today’s time to be very exciting and upbeat. There’s scope to grow, to mark oneself differently from others and to have the last word in a world full of digital and cinematic images of distraction. I like to break that distractive, repetitive, formulaic mold and build a new visual language of this medium.

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