What can be a better example of Make in India then India’s robust and diverse film industry? It has a rich diversity of genres, languages and film-making styles that have attracted audiences globally.

The Indian film industry has carved a name for itself globally, thanks to the enterprising production houses and producers of the country who leave no expense spared when it comes to the craft and quality. It is also a highly resilient film industry. On average, we produce 2000 films per year in more than 20 languages. Even if the Covid-19 pandemic has caused an anomaly this year, industry experts claim that the Indian film industry is resilient and will bounce back.

What people don’t realize perhaps is that aside from providing entertainment and ever-lasting classics, the production houses also provide a boost to the local economies. So, what inspires Indian film producers? How do they churn out movies like Dabang, Bahubali and Chhello Divas?

There is an amazing Ted Talk by Shekhar Kapur titled “We are the Stories We Tell Ourselves”. Here Kapur discusses the sources of inspiration for producers and film-makers like him. He has used an interesting phrase that inspiration is born out of ‘sheer, utter panic’ and that stories create our existence.  In India, the sheer range of genres, languages and cultural subtext is mind-blowing. Some drivers that have led to the evolution of the Indian film industry in the past couple of years include:

  • A mature audience

Audiences have grown more mature as the exposure knows no bounds in this digital age. The benchmark is set pretty high when your audience has access to foreign cinema, award-winning films and documentaries. Production houses have evolved their strategy and content to meet the expectations of this new age of cinema goers.

  • Transition from an unorganized studio to a corporatized body

After being accorded industry status, the film production houses have started looking at cinema with a renewed sense of logic and business acumen. Cinema is a product and to sell it they have to appeal to the rational and emotion side of the audience. The corporatization has brought in fair play and an MNC culture to production houses.

  • Great content

The sheer variety of content and stories in the industry today is mind-blowing. There is scope for storytelling like never before. Writers, producers and actors have become bolder in the films they choose. This has led to the emergence of mid-to-small budget independent films with fresh and interesting storylines and quality craftsmanship.

  • OTT

Like it or not, OTT platforms are here to stay and provide stiff competition to theatres and multiplexes. This means, production houses need to up their game and provide  unique  cinematic experiences that can only be enjoyed on the bigger screen. This is a win-win for everyone because the competition has led to the creation of some great films of late.

Last but not least, technology has evolved exponentially. There is great joy in making and delivering high-quality cinema to the audiences.

The beauty of producing a film is that there are unlimited roles that you can fill. Ultimately, you put the film together and make sure it sees the light of the day.